Configuring Site Parameters

To configuring your project’s parameters, click the “Project” button in the umi toolbar:


The umi panel opens, with the “Project” tab active:


Note that new projects use the Boston Logan Airport weather file, a default template library, and the default amenities profile. Within umi, blue text indicates default values.

To select a new weather file, click the “Import” button:


Navigate to and choose your desired EnergyPlus weather (.epw) file. Notice how the location text is not blue after a new file has been chosen.

To customize your building templates, click the “Edit” button:


The template library editor will open. Make any changes you desire, and remember to save! Notice how the template library text is not blue after changes are made. Whole template libraries can also imported into and exported from umi projects. Watch out - existing changes will be overwritten when this happens!

The third setting allows you to provide a custom “amenities profile” for mobility calculations. The default profile is usually sufficient, but to learn about providing a custom profile, see Design Accessibility.