Setting Description Unit Default Value
Constructions Description    
Loads Description    
Conditioning Description    
Ventilation Description    
Domestic Hot Water Description    
Dayligth Mesh Resolution Description    
Dayligth Workplane Height Sensor Node Height   0.8 m
Internal Mass Construction Description    
Internal Mass Exposed Floor Area Description    


Assigns one of the Constructions objects to the selected zone.


Assigns one of the Loads objects to the selected zone.


Assigns one of the Conditioning created in the Conditioning Tab.


Assigns one of the Ventilation objects created in the Ventilation Tab.

Domestic Hot Water

Assigns one of the Domestic Hot Water objects created in the DHW Tab.

Dayligth Mesh Resolution

Defines the Dayligth Mesh Resolution. To use a finer mesh resolution when running any a daylighting simulation, adjust the “Geometric Density” option. Values are in meters. A fine mesh resolution will show a spacial distribution of daylighting better than a coarse one, but will take longer to calculate.

Dayligth Workplane Height

The distance of sampling nodes off of analysis surfaces. A value of 0.8 m will put the sensor nodes roughly at desk height.

Internal Mass Construction


Section to be written

Internal Mass Exposed Floor Area


Section to be written